Перевод песни Måns Zelmerlöw – Brother Oh Brother

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I've been there
I thought she was the one
Until I realized that she was gone, ooooo
Beauty can't describe
The way she looked
I was a fool, for love
Please don't make the same
Mistakes I did, don't let her win
Don't give in Believe me Brother oh Brother
She will break your heart
Leave her tonight, be strong
'Cause Brother oh Brother
She's gonna tare you apart
Don't stay and fight
'Cause she will have some fun
And then she'll run away
With someone else
Believe me Brother oh Brother
She's gonna break your heart
Listen to me, I'm setting you free
After me she had a millionaire
Who bought her trips to London and Paris, ooooo
First I tried to win her back, but no What coul