Перевод песни The Mitchell Brothers – Reservoir Drugs

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I’ve got you right where I want you and you ain’t goin' nowhere. Hahahahaha
Argh man you no you want me.
See, you could call me Mr white and most times in the mist of night
You can find me giftin life to multi-business guys in ties
Tagging along with popstars and rockstars and this is why
Mr brown and mr green are jelous cos I’ve hit the heights
They just can’t believe that there, in some squatter flat somewhere
In the midst of grimey fingertips and worn out veins
While I travel route by air, straight through customs then I’m clear
To go drive the whole world all insane, I’m insane
See, all mr green does as usual turn you straight into a loser, have you
conversating with yourself
And mr brown aka shapshooter, he’s the flippin worst polluter, he’s seriously
bad for your health
So if your done with them you can’t excel, you wind up paranoid and pale
So do what’s right and come and take me out, especially now that I’m pure as hell,
Fresh from cuba ask migel, all my snorters know what I’m about.
Can’t you see, it’s me and you, I’m what you need, I’ll make all,
of your dreams come true
Can’t you see, it’s you and me, you know you want me, I’ll make all,
of your dreams come true, nowww.