Перевод песни HOFFMAESTRO – Desperado

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Desperado the road is calling
You’ve done messed up again my friend
Pack your bag cause the night is falling
Don’t you ever turn back again
Streets get lonely and nights they get cold
Your body is getting tired and
Your hands are getting old yeah
You try to go inside but the door is always shut
They’re inside and youre not
Biddibapbapbeng biddibapbapbeng bo
Hiding in the streets you don’t know
Who is friend for foe
Biddibapbapbeng biddibapbapbeng pow
You gotta split this town
Alala leo la
Alala leo la
La la la la la la x4
Desperado your clock ain’t ticking
No more running from your past
You got lost cause the times were wicked
Now your spirit get rest at last
Your body failed so now you’re leaving for the sky
High above the landscapes that melt before your eyes
There’s no more boundaries
No hills for you to climb, no space or time
No more aching troubles
For your mind
Riding on the crest
Of a high and pleasant wave
Speeding through the galaxy
Your future has been saved
Alala leo la
Alala leo la
La la la la la la x4