Перевод песни The Young Knives – Dyed in the Wool

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Help me, I’m starting to expire
I hope that I can hire a helping hand
It’s got a meaning, I really hadn’t thought of
I really should take care of the things I have
I have to hold you
Have to hold you in a headlock
I have to force you into wedlock
That’s how I am
I’m dyed in the wool
Dyed in the wool. (x2)
Fucking love, when I should buckle down
And I shouldn’t hang around, for what that’s worth
Can you forgive me?
We’re headed irrational
Freakish passion for passion, that’s my curse
That’s my curse
I’m dyed in the wool
Dyed in the wool. (x2)
I’m dyed in the wool
I’m dyed in the wool. (x6)
Dyed in the wool