Перевод песни The Hives – The Hives-Introduce The Metric System In Time

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Been trying for all my life but I can’t add up your subtraction.
Gotta find a way out yeah a way out of this mess.
Work, eat, playthen go to sleep that won’t get me no satisfaction.
So sick of trying to make my time last and ending up with less.
I know your way of doing things and it has lost it’s attraction.
Why settle for twenty-four when I can have a hundred fractions.
Metric time wil come around it’s gonna overtake your contraction I’ve found a
way out yeah a way out of this stress.
Who knew I’d be the one pulling off the oerfect crime.
So heres my new line I’ll change your mind and the metric system to time.
I made my time last and it’s total success.
Caused trouble all over town and it’s bound to start a reaction.
Got my way of doing things and it’s bound to gain your attraction.
A hundred hours is my supply it’s gonna give us all satisfaction.
So here’s my new line I’ll change my mind and the metric system to timeNo doubt
I’d be the one pulling off the perfect crime.