Перевод песни Refused – Blind Date

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So you want to go out with me, watch me get on my knees and bleed? I stole this
scrapbook from you but it doesn’t matter cause you stole it to. Sugarcoated
kisses from my lips gives the exitement of a stolen bliss. To create, to love
and fight, we won’t sleep at all tonight. So you wanna watch me scream, dance
with me and watch me bleed? Steal the sound and love it too, then baby I’ll
howl for you. Confused and exhausted but with a healthy fix so let’s drink some
potion and get it over with. They’re all screaming about the rock n roll but I would say that it’s getting old. It belongs in the museum where it’s rotten
soul been sold. Explosive and crude, out of line and not in tune. Somehow
knowing that we’ll get the message to you. Hang on as the rebirth of cool takes
place, you’ll know the time and we’ll set the pace. Shake it around, move
across town and bring their idols down.