Перевод песни Willie Nelson – Be That As It May

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Oh, oh it’s cold outside
And the hardest part Is I
Can’t take away the chill in the night
And I’ve been pining on and on
How everything is wrong
As if to throw away everything I own
And the weather changed again
But the city looks the same
Though I can’t find the sun
From the chill in the air
Be that as it may, I’ve fallen on better days
Be that as it may, I’ve fallen on better days
Nowhere is a place
Somewhere hidden in the face
Of every dream I’ve had that doesn’t quite exist
It doesn’t pay to blink
Cause it’s later than you think
You’re whole life could change with or without me
A promise is a lie
With a prettier disguise
Like I’ll love you
For the rest of my life
Six o’clock in the morning and here I am
Morning without warning once again
So I’m playing it cool
I’m playing it down cause it’s easier on me
All the way around
And I don’t wanna say goodbye
But I’m tired of this and I
I’m running out of time
I’d fly if only I could fly
But I barely walk this time, I’m running out of time
It feels like dying I feel like crying
I’m Running out of time