Перевод песни Deni Hines – That Word (l.o.v.e.)

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I’m flat on my back and
Just staring at the ceiling
Breakfast in bed
Confusion and coffee
Upside down and hidden meaning
Technicolor dreams in my head
I could spend a lifetime
Just contemplating
Whoa yeah, oh yeah
I could tell now by the way you look
You’re all through with hesitating
Cos you just wanna hear
That word, say it clear now
L.O.V.E. love
That word, how can four letters mean so much
That word, L.O.V.E. love
That word, said L.O.V.E. love
All style and no substance
You can think but keep it to yourself
I can’t sleep at night and I can’t be somebody else
I’ve got power, I’m gonna use it
Put the message in your music
Realize the dreams in your head, wo-oh
Baby don’t you know around the world
There’s 80 ways to hate and hate
I’ve got something here inside of me
It’s gonna make a change
It’s gonna make a change
H.A.T.E. don’t live here anymore, no no no
Cause L.O.V.E. is written on this door, yes it is
H.A.T.E. don’t need you anymore, no no no
Cause L.O.V.E. is written on this door, yeah, yeah
Love is mine
Love sweet love