Перевод песни Rosemary Clooney – And I'll Be There

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I’ll be there with you
Whenever the world seems far too wide
Though you may not always see me
I’m right there by your side
When you’re frightened and pluck the covers
Though it’s only a creaky stair
If the rainbows fade don’t you be afraid
For I promise you I’ll be there
When the shadows come
And moonlight paints pictures on the wall
And you’re feeling lost and lonely
Like no one cares at all
When you can’t chase the demons inside you
And it’s more than a soul can bear
You must never fear, they will disappear
Look around you and I’ll be there
There’ll be times when friends desert you
And life may let you down
And those moments leave you feeling
Like a circus just left town
You just tell me if anything hurts you
I’ll make it alright, I swear
Sure as rainbows bend, my forever friend
I can promise you I’ll be there
A kiss and a smile, then dream for a while
You’ll wake up and I’ll be there