Перевод песни 28 Days – Take Me Away

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Take me back to yesterday
'cause I’m not alright and it’s not okay, no
I know but I won’t admit it
Someone take me away
I’m not ok
So take me away
See I just can’t
Cannot for endeavour
Keep fighting the battle of whatever
So take me away
You won’t take me away
No, no it won’t be okay, no
Not for me anyway
You won’t take me away
Take me back to yesterday
'cause I’m not alright, it’s not okay
I don’t want to talk about it
So shut up I can do without it
Take me away
Today you won’t take me, take me, take me away
Away you won’t save me save me, save me today
'Cause I’m not alright
And I’m not ok and it’s not alright
I’m not alright
So take me away