Перевод песни The Wallstones – Insomnia

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I’ve been lying awake
seems like forever
here I go again
I’ve been fighting a war with my conscience
I’ve committed 7 deadly sins
No matter how hard I try
won’t find forgiveness
never knew it could be so tough
and it seems tough I want to be better
that 7 sins are not enough
How can I even try to resist
I was lost from the first time we kissed
whenever I try I get so high
this feeling inside gives me insomnia
Try to make up my mind think it over
but it’s a game I can’t win
Poison runs through my veins
and I know that I’m addicted to those
deadly sins
Trying hard to forget
all I’ve done wrong
and come undone
standing here on my own
I’m so afraid of
what I’ve become
I feel so alone