Перевод песни Fame – Sending out an MMS

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Here we go again
I’ve got your number
The way add
Get back to me
All right
I’m about to know my fuse
Cause you never replied
And I’m sure you squired my number
I did never reason why
Twelve topical you date
Are you doing this for spite?
Girl, way do you leave your number?
If your not around for me, tonight.
I’ve godda get through
You can hit it if you wanna
Sending out a MMS
Plain me that I know you got it
Do you only way do witch best
What’s on your mind? I need connection
Sending out a mms
Touch me on I know you want it
My message for you
You can hit it if you wanna
You got my number, come on
First at way that I’m the net
Work took it out on my phone
Is it mightier petition?
That something here is wrong
It’s good and kind of desperate
Girl, I have to admit
This will be my last item
Better make it through a night when it’s mid
My message for you
You can hit it if you wanna
You got my number, come on
I’m gonna say it all
Wishing impossible
We dial while sell our to find you
I got your number but
Where you at
My mean, walks is a booth
But you don’t call back
We got it on at the party
Yeah, we knock the boot
Like a hit-and-run episode of simple soothe
My reposing girl don’t try to resist
I got wells on my back
Would you top of my list
Dial you up again, but I
Couldn’t get to you, so I
Waited on the phone, when I
Didn’t get throw
REF: (to he end)
Sending out a MMS