Перевод песни Nina – Ooh Boy

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I know you’re thinking this is just a little crush
Every time I see you boy I get a rush
I’m feeling something different inside
Like butterflies when you smile
And I know it’s something serious
So I’m telling you, what’s up, telling you what’s up
Ooh boy I love ya
I’ve been thinking about you everyday
Ooh boy I love ya
And I hope my daddy doesn’t say
I didn’t know nothin'
And that I’m way too young to feel this way
But I do boy, I do boy
Feels good just hanging out talking bout me and you
And we can do the same thing everyday it still feels new
I know that love is not about time
When it’s real like yours and mine
Cause we got lots of love between us
And baby that’s enough, baby that’s enough
You’re so special
And I’m glad you found your way to my world
I’m such a lucky girl
Your tenderoni
Let me be your one and only forever
But don’t never ever never let me go