Перевод песни Evan – Nobody Else Like You (Soundfactory Reconstruction Club)

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I've been told to bite my tongue
Not to say that you're the one
That has changed my life for good
But I can't keep this in my heart
I've been dealt the highest cards
I wouldn't change 'em if I could
I'm falling through the door
Flying across the floor
You take me on a wild ride
(So I'm telling you)
On and on until the end
I'll follow you around the bend
Believe me when I say it's true
There's nobody else like you
On and on and from the start
You're love's been lighting up the dark
Like nothing that I ever knew
There's nobody else like you
So now it's time to spell it out
Tell the world what I'm about
I've been waiting for too long
I'm a moth and you're a flame
So tell me you feel the same
And I now I can't go wrong
I've been searching high and low
Been to places noone goes
And one day I finally see the
biggest treasure
Standing right in front of me