Перевод песни Curtis Mayfield – Mighty Mighty (Spade And Whitey)

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Everybody's Talking
About This Country's State
We Get A New Power Every Hour
Just About In Every Christian Fate
We're Killing Up Our Leaders
It Don't Matter None
Black Or White
And We All Know It's Wrong
And We're Gonna Fight To Make It Right
And Mighty, Mighty Spade And Whitey
Your Black And White Power
Is Gonna Be A Crumbling Tower
And We Who Stand Divided
So God d*** Undecided
Give This Some Thought
In Stupidness We've All Been Caught
There Really Ain't No Difference
If You're Cut You're Gonna Bleed
Might I Get A Little Bit Deeper
Human Life Is From The s**** Seed
Now I'm Gonna Say It Loud
I'm Just As Proud As The Brothers Too
And Just Like The Rest
I Don't Want No Mess About
Who's Taking Who