Перевод песни MC5 – Over and Over

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
People talkin 'bout solutions, over and over
'Bout how we need a revolution, over and over
Always talking 'bout ecology, over and over
'Bout how we’ll be saved by technology, over and over
While the cat next door spends all his time
Trying to think up new antisocial crimes
I said no, I said hang on a minute now
I set let me outta here
I said no, no, no
People talking revolution, over and over
About a mass execution, over and over
Well I was working in a factory, over and over
Just trying to make it satisfactory, over and over
But all these inclinations toward manic frustration
I want my vaccination against castration
Vietnam, what a sexy war
Uncle Sam’s a pimp, wants us to be whores
I said no, I said I can’t take much more of this
You better let me outta here
I said no, no, no
Oh you see I need a release for my frustration
Oh don’t you see I can’t hold my aggravation
Oh… no, no, no, no
I see people dyin', over and over
Why don’t I sit around crying, over and over
I see people taking, over and over
Why don’t I sit around waiting, over and over
The cop on the street wants us down on our needs
The president says we’ve got to have peace
The other cat says we need our liberation
The hippies telling us we’re in the love generation
I said whoa, I said hang on a minute now
This can’t go on much longer
I said no, no, no
Over and over, over and over
Over and over, over and over