Перевод песни Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd. Street Rhythm Band – Your Love

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Your love, your love
Means everything to me Your love, your love
Means everything
Everything to me When I was down and out
You took me in
I remember that rainy day
When you looked up And you said
Baby, I love you
Yes, you did
Your love, your love
Means everything to me Your love means
Everything to me Your sweet love, girl
Means everything to me My mama told me There will come a day
When the right girl would
Surely come my way
She said, son, son
Listen to me
I want you to hear
Everything I say
You might be running around
With Sue and Jane, everybody
But let me tell you something
One of these days, son
One of these good old days
Some good day, somebody
Gonna walk up to you
Won’t have to say a thing
Someday, somebody
Gonna tip up on you
Won’t have to say
A doggone thing
Yeah, she said listen
You’re gonna feel it, son
She said, you’re gonna feel it