Перевод песни Changing Faces – Foolin' Around

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We use to be so close, but now things have changed!
It’s not the same no no since i heard you calling her name!
So quick to tell me that she was just a friend, i don’t wan’t to hear the same
ol' lies again (again)
I got a hunch something ain’t right,. no no this is no illusion i’ve come to
this conlusion that your!
Fooling around! fooling, fooling around!
I can’t believe that i was fooling myself (oh no) when all along oh yes you
were with someone else no more games i’m letting it go your way 'cause 3 is a
croud so i’m giving you the step oooooooo i got a hunch something ain’t right
oooohhhhh (oh no) this is no illusion i’ve come to this conclusion that your
I gave you the chance to give me romance iwas there for you boy and you know
it’s true see you ain’t that strong you should’ve held on discharge of the boys