Перевод песни Too Much Joy – Strong Thing

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You and me and a couple of poets
Can talk about this but who would believe us
Tell me something that’s never been said
Got the world in my hands will I smash it to pieces?
Show me a millionaire
Who don’t play the lottery
Show me a DJ
Who don’t stutter in company
I’m taking your word this is a strong thing
Last time I did it was the wrong thing
You make me like country music
You make me doubt that I’m not stupid
I wrote you a letter
But I blacked out some words
It’s not worth explaining
Nothing you ain’t heard
But you can read my mind
Or we wouldn’t be here now
If you couldn’t read my mind
I couldn’t show you how
A baby’s crying on a park bench
That doesn’t matter this could be anywhere
You’re a liar in many universes
Thank god I don’t live there
Show me a magician
Any kid can’t tell’s a fraud
Show me a priest
Who knows that there’s a god