Перевод песни Too Much Joy – Goodbye Ohio

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There’s no one famous from my hometown
Unless you count one astronaut
Who’s never been to space
And probably never will
But he’s our hero, still
Must be tough on the astronauts
I bet they get bored easily
Cuz how does it feel
To look up at the moon
And say, «Yeah, I’ve been there»
Cold in this place
It’s lonely in space
Goodbye Ohio
Saw this guy on the Tonight Show
Kayacked his way to Hawaii
The host was amazed
«What will you do next?»
«Write the book, I guess»
I’m no fool, but I’m no Einstien
I’m bothered by infinity
No laws on the moon
But you still can’t burn the flag
It might be cool to try
Floating in space
I see God’s face
It’s just some clouds