Перевод песни Sonny & Cher – Hello

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Hi, this is Sonny
And Cher
And this is the other side of our record
When, when you cut a record
Every one always asks you
What you are gonna put on the other side
And you usually put on another song
Sometimes it’s hard to get another song
Or to think of another song
And I thought it would be nice
Just to get a chance to talk to you
And say thank you
For everything you’ve done for us
I don’t see why this can’t be done
I hope you agree, what do you think Cher?
That’s okay with me
It’s okay with you
It’s okay with me too
I think you should
I think you should put the music down
Before the words down
What music?
The song
There is no song
No, really
Really what?
There is no song
I’m just, playing and plinking on the piano
I only know seven chords any ways
So it doesn’t make any difference
What do you mean
We should put the music first
I’m not gonna say anything to you
Come on, Sonny
You’re not gonna say anything, why?
Because you’re making me embarrassed
Don’t be embarrassed
You’re just talking to a microphone
And that’s all
You have nothing to say at all
I didn’t know you were bashful
When you get up on stage
You’re not bashful
Now you’re talking to a microphone
You’re in a studio all by yourself
And you’re bashful
You don’t like this song?
No, I don’t like this song
I’ll try to write you a new one
I like it, I think
Well, Cher, you got to say something
Cher don’t be bashful
I can’t think of any thing to say
You always think of something
To say around the house
You never without words then
I can’t help it, I’m bashful
Okay, I glad I found that out
After two years of marriage
Well, I can sing some thing
I don’t have a song for you to sing
Well, just say something
Oh, that was, that was very clever
I thought you’d like that
That’s the most original thing you said
Anyway we thought we break a precedent
And just say hello to everybody
And that’s the purpose behind this
And thanks again
Me too
Cher too, bye