Перевод песни The Shadows Of Knight – Dark Side

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I thought that you loved me.
I see I was wrong.
Cause you’ve broken my heart now.
Did’nt take you too long.
Our loves on the Dark Side.
Now I know you lied.
Gave you all my sweet lovin'.
But you were’nt satisfied. Yay!
Come back to me baby.
My nights are too long??? miss you my…
Ever since you’ve been gone.
Well I love you honey.
More than birds love the sky.
Without you’re sweet lovin'.
All I’d do baby is cry.
I say I’m cryin' for you child.
Cause you know-You know you’re drivin me mad.
Cause you’re the best little woman girl.
That this man’s ever had.
I got to have you honey.
Please say that you’ll be mine.
Cause I love you forever girl.
Til the end of time.
Mine -All Mine-Please Be Mine.
Cause I got to have you girl. Yeah!!!