Перевод песни Saigon Kick – God of 42nd Street

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I am the god of 42nd street. You may not love me but I’m hard to beat.
I am the lord of all you see and feel. You may not want me but I’m oh so real.
You cannot feel me when the light is on so come the darkness. I won’t be very
Close your eyes my darling and you’ll find the light.
Close your eyes my friend and they’ll be no fright.
Close your eyes my darling and you’ll find the way.
All the fire and all the hate won’t change the feelings, won’t change your fate.
So stop your crying and feed my faith. I’ll kill your god and take his place.
Kill the leaches in your little dream. The bloods not spilling. It’s not what
it seems.
Hey, have you ever walked beneath the rain in hope of washing away the pain and
all your tears?
Hey, have you ever talked of all the shame within your everlasting fear of me?