Перевод песни Saigon Kick – Peppermint Tribe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Yes, I come from the Peppermint Tribe where people come and then they die
To hail me. To hail me
With tomahawks of candy cane we split their heads and eat the brains
Hail me. Oh, hail me
All the while I see your face is turning. Hold the fire while the clock keeps
Talk of Jesus, still your pain won’t end. Ask forgiveness though your mind is
Slippin' through, time’s slippin' through your hands
With guns of chalk we write our names. We wrote the book. We author pain
Hail me. Hail me
The T.V. speaks in murderous rhymes. The clues we leave and hope you’ll find
Hail me. Oh hail me
Yes, we come from the Peppermint tribe where losers come to fix their mind
Hail me. Oh, hail me
With giant walls are sugar made we close you in and build the grave
The witches dancing inside their caves. The people all go insane from the
Peppermint Tribe