Перевод песни Lobo – She Didn't Do Magic

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Thumbing across Georgia I ran into Gloria
She seemed like a mystic to me With a wave of her hand
She could make you feel grand
That was her mystery
Now I’ll admit she knew alot of tricks
But so do lots of other chicks
She didn’t do it like you can do magic
She didn’t do it to me She didn’t do it like you can do it She didn’t do magic to me Hiking through Virginia I met Melinda
She looked enchanting to see
She said give me your arm
And I’ll show you my charms
That was her sorcery
I say it I will she had alot of skill
But compared to you she was way down hill
Arriving in Cleveland I’m coming to see you
Get you crystal ball out of the drawer
Cause I can tell if you been using you spell
And baby I know what for
The magic you loaned was to bring me home
And baby my love for you has grown
So you better do it like you can do magic
You better do it to me Cause she didn’t do it like you can do it She didn’t do magic to me