Перевод песни Mel Torme – Sing You Sinners

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Once a mockingbird, he was overheard
Singing out a word, to a cattle herd,
'All you bovine creatures, dig what I'm layin' down!
All you sinners drop everything.
Let the melody and the harmony ring.
Let it ring
Lift arms up to Heaven and sing.
Sing you sinners, won't you sway & swing
What a thing
Start with clapping' y'hands all about.
All about
Don't be silent,
Let the Lord hear y'shout
Shout it out
And just let the music come out
Of yer snout
Sing you sinners, wontcha' sway & swing
Check it out
Dig the drift of what I mean
In a world where there's no music,
Old Scratch
Satan gets his kicks,
He's up to his tricks
He'll be laughing up AND down the banks,
He, He, He!
Of that River Styx
You're so wicked, baby, and you're depraved
You can rave
It's apparent that you have mis-behaved
To your grave
But if you should want to be saved
Jus' behave
Take a listen now to the bird