Перевод песни Amy Grant – Nothing Beyond You

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Where could I go?
Where could I run?
Even if I found the strength to fly
And if I rose on the wings of the dawn
And crashed through the corner of the sky
If I sailed past the edge of the sea
Even if I made my bed of nails, still there you would find me
Cause nothing is beyond You
You stand beyond the reach
Of our vain imaginations
Our misguided piety
The heavens stretch to hold You
And deep cries out to deep
Singin' that nothing is beyond You
Nothing is beyond You
Time can not contain You
You fill eternity
Sin can never stain You
Death has lost its sting
And I can not explain the way
You came to loving me
Except to say nothing is beyond You
Nothing is beyond You
If I should shrink back from the light
Well, I can sink into the dark
If I take cover and I close my eyes
Even then, You would see my heart
And you cut through all my pain and rage
The darkness is my guard to You and night’s as bright as day
Nothing is beyond You