Перевод песни Twista – I Ain't That N***a

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Naww I ain't a gangsta, but kick it with board members and governers that love
larry hoover
Niggas that'll do ya, Crackin a rifile over deciple have ya mama screamin out
And No I ain't a Vice Lord, But I kick it with niggas that bang that shit to tha left
CVL love tha PN, them thug folks that love low, down with my click to tha death
And naw I ain't BLACK P STONE, but when I was getting production with VILLIAN
we was chillin
South side, Swole brothas, who long ass braids, who real niggas stackin
millions to tha ceilin
And naw I ain't a soul, but got into it with dollar and rocked pink with jack
Vo Vo Knew all them niggas when my raps flow so slow, befo' I was ridin black benzes
on black Mo Mo's
And I got plenty of friends and relatives that still be all up in tha mix
Out chere up in tha streets', well f**k this rap shit nigga, I got guns you
ain't gonna do shit
I ain't gonna be frontin an fakin and actin petite all in my music...
Not uh, that's too lame
When it's on it's on, I pop a nigga, when you gone you gone, you finna be wiped
of the earth like a memory... What's dude name?
And naw I ain't a killa, But I'll stank a motha f**ka while I'm hooded if he pull it Make a nigga bite tha bullet, hit em With tha chrome cus I got tah show it's on to tha fullest
And naw I ain't chief, But I'm a motha f**kin beast when it comes tah runnin in tha streets
Ain't been on it in a minute cus a nigga getting money when I do it's cus a nigga gotta eat
And naw I ain't SOLID but I got tha up most respect fo' a nigga if he holla it Or if he ride unda tha six I kno he be tha shit to tha real g's,
I gotta pay homage
And naw I ain't hard, but on god I'll push a niggas shit back and leave em scarred
Get tha infrared beam then go steal em N steam em, stank a nigga then go put
tha car in my garage
I spit crack you gotta pardon my barrage... uh lyrics I'm throwin discardin'
the facade
Tha thieves wanna be thugs tryna put on fo tha streets, some beats but got no heart up in tha mud
Quit lying you lil' metaphorically speakin mothafuckas don't want it with real
niggas that's out chere
Give a desription of a hell of a gun but you don't really wanna feel it from
real triggas that's out chere
(cus it's out chere)
I ain't that nigga... I jus thought I'd let chu kno... when I'm rollin with a black Fo' Fo'... I ain't that nigga
Naw I ain't a playa, but in my city all tha bitches honor me like I'm tha mayor
Devastating rhymesayer, but if you wanna make it bigger than words I gotta
spray her
And naw I ain't a pimp, but peel a hoe fo' a fimp and I walk with a limp
While I be smokin on the hemp and at tha party bitches sayin look at him look
at him
And naw I ain't no mark or no coward, come at me you gonna get yo lil heart
We don't buckle easy tah threats we be comin after next for techs for sex,
money, and power
Been doin tha Bid fo' so long everybody around us talk shit
Can't do nothin but hate off tha money we make, if we don't come up off of rappin we comin up off bricks... you lil soft Bitch!
I ain't that nigga... I jus thought I'd let chu kno... when I'm rollin with a black Fo' Fo'... I ain't that nigga