Перевод песни Cute Is What We Aim For – The Lock Down Denial

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Slightly bruised and a little bit used
I never thought they'd be so amused
Brother's bond broken by the bailiff
For the first time
Prison blues, gotta pay my dues
Now I know I'll never be refused
If I, if I, if I die inside
Would anyone realize?
If I, if I deny the crime
Would I, would I serve the time?
I lived a lie
Chains and stripes
I ain't gonna sleep tonight
This is no way for a man to live his life
Paranoid on the prison yard pavement
For the first time
So I serve time for my addiction
I pay the price for my affliction
The judge took my life with his conviction
For the last time
Lights out, lock down, don't make a sound
Lights out, lock down
Someone's behind the drum set in my head
Thumpin' a different beat myself to the sound of the walking dead
Rinse 'n' repeat
Someone's behind the drum set in my head, in my head, head