Перевод песни Zac Brown Band – Sic 'Em on a Chicken

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Stuff 'em full of fishmeal, stick 'em in a box
Chop their silly heads off, watch 'em run around
You take out the feathers, throw away the beak
Put them in the freezer for a couple of weeks
And you cook 'em in an oven and you stick 'em on a plate
And you slaver and you wriggle and you say «it looks great»
You make 'em into gravy, get it on your face
It’s a shame and it’s a disgrace
They eat chicken in the Balkans, chicken in Rome
I bet you even like to eat chicken at home
Chicken in Bolivia, chicken in Peru
I bet eating chicken is a thing you like to do
They get chicken in the Balkans, chicken in Rome
I bet you even like to eat chicken at home
There’s chicken in Bolivia, chicken in Peru
Chicken in Kiev’s a thing you shouldn’t oughtta do
And there’s chicken, McChicken, anywhere at all
And chicken’s an atrocity, it’s vile that’s all
There’s chicken in Detroit, in Washington Square
Chicken in the high street, chicken everywhere
Chicken on holiday, chicken in jail
Wake up in the morning, there’s a chicken in the mail
There’s chicken on holiday, chicken in jail
The cats get chicken from the garbage pail
You raise 'em, race 'em, misplace 'em, replace 'em
You can boil it, or baste it
Just make sure that you waste it
Prize turkeys!
I want to see the man in charge!
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
They get so damn crazy they eat their own legs (x6)
Stuff 'em full of fishmeal, put 'em on the table
Make 'em into gravy, get it on your shirt front (x3)
It’s disgusting!
There’s chicken on your shirt front, greasy and thick
Someone tell the manager the chicken is sick
The whole idea is sick. Have another drumstick
Chicken in the basket is the ladies' pick
Chicken in Camden, Paddington too
They even got chicken in the Regent Park Zoo
There’s chicken in China, chicken in Nepal
Chicken over there dead hanging on the wall
There’s chicken in Syria, Daar-es-Salaam
The whole population wants to do them harm
There’s chicken in Dublin
Chicken in Spain
Chicken in the slaughterhouse
Chicken in the rain
There’s chicken in the library and on TV
World-wide symbol of stupidity
But if you ask me, they never had the chance to start with
Prize turkey’s delight! (x2)
(Sung to the tune of the 60's/70's TV advert for «Fry's Turkish Delight»,
as it goes.)
Now this is how you get a chicken hypnotized
You look the little motherfucker right in the eyes and say
«Chicken, you will obey»
Ah, they’re laughing at the chickens, I can see them