Перевод песни Tony C And The Truth – Little Bit More

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I thought she was a nasty girl
And I was right
Shes tying cherries up in knots with her tongue
I said I wish I may, I wish I might
Break me off a little some
Oh body left the lights on at motel 6
Baby came complete with a whole bag o tricks
Brought the cuffs but she left the key
Showed me shit I ain't never even seen
I did it 1 time and I liked it so I did it 2 times got addicted had to do it
3 times couldn't help it And the number 4 time was the best
She showed me how it was 'sposed to go Now give me alittle bit more
Just a little bit more
She got more freak than lucky got charms
Got me swingin deep like Barry Bonds
All night long its a marathon
Was a supernatural phenomononon
The left side over to the right side
Baby said just let me ride... yea
Let me come inside
Just like that
Im gonna be talking trash while I smack that ass
Line the suckers up and send them back to class
Im the sick mic mauler, the brawler, the yes ya'ller
That pussy always comes when I call her... uh Now give me alittle bit more
Just a little bit more