Перевод песни Snoop Dogg – Go Girl

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I party like a rockstar
Look like a movie star
Play like an all star
Fuck like a pornstar
Baby I'm a superstar
Always posted at the bar
Always with couple boss
Maybe I'm just that that raw
Dawg check your resume
I hit something everyday
Ask about me and dey say
That chico run MIA
Pitbull and Young Bo$$, that's fire
Go girl work it out 'til you tire
Just tryin' to pay your tuition — liar
My corner is like HBO's wire
So please don't play no games
And baby don't say no names
And we can do this one more again
Next time you can bring your friends
So get your friends
And I get my friends
And we can be friends
Do this every weekend
We can hit your place
We can hit my place
She's on my top 8
I bagged her off of myspace
Go girl, Go girl, Go girl, Go girl
Go girl, Go girl, Go girl, Go girl
Shake them dice and roll them
Shake them dice and roll them
When they ask you whats that dance
You say that's the hustle man
Girl I wanna know your name
Girl who you be?
Don't care with who you came
As long as you leave wit' me
What's you sippin' on?
I buy you a drink
Get you one of them shiny things
Yer Girl pick pink
I see those Jimmy Choos
Those Vera Wangs
I luv the way you work
Girl do your thing
You see my stunna shades
I'm like a star
My click is full of ballas
We at the bar
Diamond princess
I make them bust quick
Man I back it up
Like a Mack Truck
(heavy breathing)
Don't talk about it boy
Be about it boy
I got them girls boy
Turn out your girls boy
I'm talking freak nig
I'm like a freaky shit
Coz you're my freak