Перевод песни Gerald Levert – Let the Juices Flow

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You’re not yourself
Come on let me rub your back
Kiss on your neck like I used to do
See you’re tense you gotta let go
Won’t you let the juices flow
Flow on flow on flow on
Won’t you let the juices flow
Flow on flow on flow on
Girl let down your hair hve no fear
I’m gonna take good care of you
But you gotta open up show me some love
I’m sure that I an pull you through
See there ain’t nothin' wrong with
Throwin' on some Luther or some
Marvin Gaye
Baby just relax you can reach climax
Trust me girl don’t tell me no
Forget about the kids or what your ex-
Boyfriend did
Tonight just let the feelings flow
See we won’t tell no one we had so
Much fun
Keep it on the down low
Put on your favorite dress or better yet
Girl don’t put on anything
I’ll leave it up to you what we’re gonna
We can do it fast or slow
See I wanna make you smile
I wanna make it right
Make you see the light
Everday and night baby
Give you all the things you need
Never let you down always be around
When you’re feelin' down
Make you scream and shout
You just need to relax
Let it flow through your body
You got too much stored up inside
Whatcha tryin' to hide baby
Swallow your selfish pride
Let me come inside baby