Перевод песни Gerald Levert – Love Street

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Welcome to this lonely
Man’s life
Every time I try to love
It just don’t seem
To come out right
And it seems kinda
'Cause I always give
My all
One minute I’m on top
Of the world
And the next I seem to fall
I wanna be loved and give love
Wanna make other people mad
Nothing or no one can break us up
We would be something they wish they
Somebody holler if you’re feeling
The way that I feel now
'Cause I’m ready and I’m willing
Girl I won’t let you down
You can find me on need of Love Street
You can find me on need of Love Street
You can reach me on need of Love Street
That’s where I’ll be need of Love Street
See I’m tired of talking to myself
I need someone to talk to
And I wanna go through the changes
That people in love do
See success is nothing baby
Without someone to share it with
And having someone in my life
Would be the greatest gift
See I’m ready to relax and settle down
Someone to share my secrets with
When there’s no one else around
Somebody to tell me
When I’m right and when I’m wrong
I’ll have someone to sing about
When I sing a love song
So if you feel the same way baby
There’s no need in anticipating
I’ll be standing on the corner
Ready willing and able