Перевод песни Gerald Levert – Hurting for You

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Wake up in the morning I feel so empty
'Cause nobody’s there by my side
Look through my window the sun’s not shining
The feeling of hurt I can’t hide
I get so helpless when I hear your voice
My heart starts to skip a beat
Baby I need to feel you just see your face baby
When can we meet Baby I’ll be discreet
Look in my eyes can’t you see Girl
That I’m hurting for you
These tears I’ve cried Girl should tell you
That I’m hurting for you
I go to dinner with other girls
But all I seem to see is your face
My friends try to amuse me but they just
Confuse me
'Cause my head is in another place oh baby
Just give me a chance maybe we can be friends
I just need your company baby
Oh for a little while I just need you around
Say that you feel the same way about me
There’s not a thing that I wouldn’t do for you
I’ll go as far as you want me to
I’ll give you all my time every day every hour
With gifts of love I promise you I’ll shower you
(Ad lib)
Repeat 1 two times
Baby just understand I just want to be your man
Let me be if I can Baby won’t you take my hand
Lead me away to somewhere new
I just wanna spend time with you
Baby why don’t you be my girl
I’ll give you anything you want in the whole
Wide world