Перевод песни Rick Moranis – Three Days Rest

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You are some kind of lady
With a Mensa mind and curves to kill
I love all the work you've had done on you
Keep on sending me those bills.
I am glad your serve's improving
Love the fabric in the den
The Pinot Noir you bought in Napa
Was sublime with your Cornish hen.
But I can't give you what you need tonight.
Just feel the need to confess
It may be hard for me to make love to you just right.
Cause I'm on three days rest.
Maybe I'll test-drive a Vespa
Forget to shave, collect some Art.
Reinstate myself at Jack La Laine
Walk the course and lose the cart.
I don't know if I can be your man tonight.
I don't mean to obsess.
I just don't want to be anything but right,
And I'm on three days rest.
Boys all want me to go rafting.
So far no one's taking their phone.
Got the whole Lou Rawls collection
To keep you company while you're alone.
And when I get back here tomorrow.
I'll be besting my own best.
I'll be something that you've never seen before.
I'll be on four days rest.
Was a time my eye would wander,
But my heart was always still
I chose this life, I will not squander
What I can save with just a pill.
So I surfed around and I found the site
Just arrived UPS.
I'm gonna be able to make love to you tonight.
Right here in our love nest...
Even on three days rest.
You're the best.