Перевод песни Frayser Boy – Water

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Tha Bar Frayser Boy Nigga Me Being Me
Going Down Hey Bay Area Representers
Nigga Frayser Bizzle Lil Wyte Hey It’s Going Down
Nigga You Got A Problem With Me Nigga I Be Tell Ya
Like This Yo Going Down Nigga Da Bar Come On Men Come On
Bay Area Jump Off In This Water
Raw Niggas More Yeah We Handle Biznuss Well
With Ma Dog Lil Wyte Ain’t No Rest We Get In Hell
Got Your Gun I Got My Gun Vice Versa We Can Do This
Fith-O-Remy And Them Semence Nigga I Can Toohtless
I Shoot And Kill Nigga And That’s For Certain
You See Da Wonders Rollin Down Yeah It’s Curtis
Choppers Needs Da Squarters Friendz Of Your Whole Block
Suckaz Pullin Cross Moves Got A Nigga So Hot
It Ain’t A Game Once You Gone Ain’t No Comming Back
I’m Ridin' Dirty Lumber See’s Pistol Lumber That
Niggas Need To Realize That They Playin' With Their Life
Only Got One Time And You Have To Play It Right
I Try To Say Nice You Better Play Wyte
Ain’t Non But Killerz In Da Field In Da Bay At Night
See’s That Need Back Turn Around Squeeze At
Squeeze Jack Hell Mufacka We Feed Jack Nigga
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Nigga Act A Dam Fool I’m A Dam Fool Too
Commin Invalady The Undergroung These Mothafacka Hate Tha Shit I Done
Rep Da Bay So Prodly And Them Folks Seen None Where Im From
Fuck Em' Sun Tommy Gunz What They Claim They Told Know
All I’m Grippin Is A Pinner Pen I Bust Tha Microphone
Body Become To Tha Point To Go Dell And Messes
With Cause Is All A Tec To Bring The Opsite Of Plesure
I Deliver Pain To Game And At The Same Time Im Giving Life
Punk Hypnotyze Out To Da Bay To Make Tha Non-Beliverz To See Da Light
A Coly Change Tha Way You Do Tha World And Go About Your Buzniss
Take This World Gratuely And Frayser Gonna Be My Witness
I Got Tha Feric Be Comin' And They Also From Da Bay
It’s Crazy How Big Buzniss Oportunity Always Come Ma Way
Blame A Name And Wyte A Midget Far Couples Of Fucking Years
Gotta Plack Im From Breakables I Tought You Would Like To Ear
All These Mothafucka Walking Talks And Men They Got Some Issue
If They Lucky When We Rolles And Plon! They Might Head A Pistols
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Yeah Tha Jump Off In This Water
Nigga Act A Dam Fool I’m A Dam Fool Too
These Hoes Makes Me Mad I’m Known On Act 4 Roches
Leave Im In Da Gutta With Tha Raks And Roaches
Keet It Gangsta Smoking On Da Sticky Green Medecine
Frayser Boy Ya Fucking A Nigga He’ain’t Better Then
Get Real Step Your Game Try To Have Better Thangs
Cumped On Jumped On Real Niggas Never Change
Paid There Hate There Homie Don’t Play There
Talk About Da Cop Poisis Sucka Before You So There
Wow, Im So Hot A Nigga Spit Flames
Fucking With Tha Hypnotyze Got A Nigga Rich Man
Get Tough Get Buck I Got Big Nutz In Da Hood
All Good Plush Out Big Truck Stash Spot Ash Not
Ounce Of Dro Back Glock Get Pay 6 Way Show
You How To Get Stray Live And Slow It Down So
You Can Understand Clearly I’ll Be Acting Like A Pit
If You Hoes Comes Midget (Bitch)