Перевод песни Frayser Boy – Ridin

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Frayser Boy
Aye look
I got some real shit on my mind man
Sometimes man I just have to
You know man, roll me a blunt
Fill the tank up, and man just hit a dip or something
Man you know what I’m sayin man
Cuz man shit gettin hectic out here bro
Know what I’m talkin bout? Aight
Light ya blunts up
When I was just a lil nigga on the block I had big dreams
There was alot of real fellas mobbin with me
Always felt God punished me alittle harder
My momma held it down though I didn’t have a father
I was into greenbrier went to frayser high school
Staying outta trouble yes I really really tried to
Turned to the streets cause my momma couldn’t teach me
How to be a man the drug dealers had to reach me
Peeped alotta things in the hood I lost alotta friends
And gained alotta ends then lost them back again
Never killed a man but I damn near tried to
Get ya pack hide ya blunts cause then ya gotta ride through
Ridin, smokin, thinkin, hopin
Ridin, smokin, thinkin, hopin
Cuz I know it ain’t easy
If it wasn’t for paul and juicy j fuckin with me tough
I’d probably have a 9−5 shit be really rough
But it ain’t like that I’m in the music industry
Fuckin with the rap game the past is just a memory
I ain’t never thought one that I’d make an album
Gone on the Bay had then young niggas wildin
Had a nigga smilin it took alotta hard work
To make it in the game didn’t know where to start first
Cuz these streets cold I can tell ya cause I know
Now the only licks I’m hittin if a nigga book a show
Wouldn’t trade it for the world cause its real what I’m doin
Love spittin this gangsta shit my dreams I’m pursuing