Перевод песни Frayser Boy – Fu*kem'

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Put a clique house on major
Me and Hot Boy we major
Iphone 5 that’s a pager
Wanna get in touch you gotta page me
Iphone 6 upgraded
Blackberry love no thank you
Don’t know what producer you buyin' from, I’m shoppin' with mills baby
In the dope game, goin' crazy
Now the bass hit, shit Gates hit, put a ape shit in a latex still break bread
with the ladies
New York State Of Mind like Nas, no wait, that was what Jay said
Young bull with the glass dick got the rillo pack for the filter
Who your girl follow on Insta, heard I eat booty mouth filthy
Poppin' up in every other comment inquirin' if I can DM her
Big booty lookin' like, I meant to say like a mammal
Two lumps and a dump truck wasn’t talkin' bout no camels
Grab the by her antlers tap test she tappin'
What i meant to say was make her tap out, thuggin' hard in the trap house
East Atlanta got it maxed out, layin' here with the racks out
Pullin up in the
Leave the car runnin' no strap out
What up?
Thuggin' hard in the trap house (what up?) East Atlanta got it maxed out
Bank kid with the racks out
Thuggin' hard in the trap house
What up? Thuggin' hard in the trap house