Перевод песни Assassin – God Nah Sleep

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
…how yuh tink yuh hide from
.hide from yuhself
Here mi now, check…
Jus rememba dis
Versatile yow
Rememba seh, God nah sleep all weh yuh agwaan wit and yuh feel seh nobody nah
Rememba seh, God nah sleep … feel fi fah rob
and rape and kill and when eva yuh waan chill.
Rememba, God nah sleep weh yuh Holy on a Sunday
but yuh dutty fah de rest a de week yow.
Memba, God nah sleep everytime yuh bound fi mek
a wrong move, memba dis before yuh dweet.
Remeba He’s de Lord of Lords de King of all Kings jus rememba dat He knoweth
and seeth
all tings.
All sins all a deseases de small tings its like
de supa camera unda de film of all films.
And I’m talkin to wicked and de heartless all
uno are seekin power inna de darkness.
See weh… and tings seh dat him caan get cho,
him only… yuh tek yah las bret.
changes some
Becaus wha' (wha) Him neva… Him always wide
awake neva tek no vacation or go pon nuh break.
So, if yuh feel seh yuh can trick Him yuh mekkin
a mistake.
No fake ticket can get yuh truu de pearly gates
so mek a change before it to late.
Talkin to de murderers and all a who a teif and
who a rape who… and try to deviate time fah
yuh jus get up pon de narrow and straight.
Here me nuh, I don’t waan misunderstand me
watch I nuh.
Becaus I’m not tryin to preach to yuh me jus a
beg and a beseech to yuh.
Want de Father listen mi a teach to yuh…
let Jah be de bleach to yuh.
Caus how yuh treat people sameting ago reach to yuh.
So it nuh matta if yuh baldhead or yuh locks, if
yuh a catholic, muslim or even orthodox.
When yuh carrin out yuh dutty acts jus rememba
Him nuh need no spectacles and Him nuh wear no