Перевод песни Anthony B – Police

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Who want the dancehall fi stop? Police!
Who no want fi see herbs ah shop? Police!
Who kill the youths pon the block? Police!
Them no want fi hear truth, much less facts
Who want fi see hearse a drive? Police!
Ah the easiest man fi bribe? Police!
Them no want fi see ghetto survive? Police!
As we see them, ghetto youth haffi dive
A who have the legal long gun?
Who ah murder the youths dem a Jamdown?
Who have innocent youths locked down?
Ask the herb farmers who burn the herbs down
From me a little youth me know
Every man haffi go reap what them sow
A whole heap of innocent brains them blow
Whole heap a blood them flow
I see them everyday pon the highway
Roadblock dem have pon the freeway
See dem every night
Nah do no right
Now run fi search you at the stop light
Inna the helicopter with dem spotlight
(That's why them lock off the light, want bear dark night)
Big foul play
That the world ah say
Fi the murdering of breathen weh dem
Me look and see: laws and order ah collapse
So you haffi be careful or them caught you inna dem trap
Dem nah lock you up them a lick out your head back
See it there, inna the city bagga dagga dak
The almshouse!
Lootin' and shootin' must stop
And that's why Anthony B ah bun the fire hot
Me call the youths dem from Jungle and Rema back
The youths dem from Waterhouse the valley, we want you see
Aye, Mama cry! oh why oh why oh why?