Перевод песни Eric Benét – The Hunger

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Now the first kiss was the one that left me seeing
Just how deep your into me.
Surprised by your intensity, I couldn’t believe.
Now the next kiss happened 7 days ago
That’s when I started letting go
Dropped my guard and let you know
I was ready for more.
Oh, that’s when I took you home
And I wasn’t quite ready for how you came
Words can’t explain
The pleasures we’ve explored.
Oh, we’ve been making love 6 nights strong
And I can’t believe just how long you can go
I’m ready for more of the hunger in your soul
Girl you’re blazing like you never get enough of me
Its amazing and I’m loving that you’re
Still wanting me, you’re still hungry
You keep rising like you’re never gonna reach the top
I’m not tryin' to make you stop
Because you’re still wanting me, still hungry
Now the first time was amazing like I said.
Like nothing I’ve seen, done or read
Colors and music played in my head
I wasn’t prepared
Now the next time happen when I finally caught my breath
I saw the sweat drip off your chest.
Girl you inspire my very best
And I gave nothing less
And it seems
With every conversation in between
I get a little more attracted
When you open up your mind girl I find
Your perception of the world coincides with mine.
And I tried to let the fever in me subside
But every time I see that little look in your eye
I come back to life
And I rise, I rise, I rise, oh
From the bedroom to the kitchen, up against the wall
Still I hear your body call because
You’re still wanting me, and you’re still hungry
From 100 miles an hour back to slow motion
I’m the waves up on your ocean
Cause your still wanting me, and you’re still hungry
Did you know that you smile when you’re asleep?
Is it there all the time
Or only when you’re with me?
When the morning sun shines on your face
Let me be the first breath you take.