Перевод песни Pressure Point – The Great Divide

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Trapped by these walls i've placed in my mind
One man's spirit has crossed the great divide
Tempered by fate and life's circumstance
Beaten and humbled, i've been given one more chance
A fleeting peace for my tortured soul
A fighting hope, i can't let it go
A life misspent and outcast
One step from my past
I can't let it go Wasted my days chasing broken dreams
Hungry for a change wouldn't change a thing
Like a marked man waiting to die
I filled up space and took up time
Pictures of a life plague my mind
Searched in vain for the soul i left behind
Waged a war against the emptiness inside
A vacant soldier, a facade of pride
Another era from long before
The greatest generation never more
I raised my arms to the sky
Will i ever cross the great divlde
The voice of a greater man echoes
On lesser men his life casts shadows
From a generation of nobler men
His valiant spirit saves me from sin
One common mans journey his testament
To a life of service and commitment
Inspiring me now from the other side
Two kindred souls bridge the great divide
Another era from long before
The depression and the second world war
My heart open wide
Your spirit and mine side by side