Перевод песни Whiskey Rebels – Killing Me

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We'll I'm shubbon just like you
But now I don't know what to do
Should I let this fire burn
Or Should I burn into a fool?
I could close my eyes and burn my back
And hope you understan
Won't be misunderstood
So take my throat or take my hand
Killing me softly
Killing me loudly
I can't live without you
You can't live without me
How can you love me?
Why do you want me?
Like I don't even know you
You don't even know me
Killing me softly
Killig me loudly
I can't live without you
I love you devoutly
You're killing me
You can ever be happy
Ever be carefree
You always got got your guard up
Now what are you guarding from me?
I live my life in misery
But I would ever take your happiness away
Misery loves company
I won't punish you for choosing me
That's right, you're killing me