Перевод песни Pressure Point – Face In The Mirror

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In the mirror I see another's face
A soulless tyrant from another place
The man I was and I hoped to be Has been replaced by the enemy
Tears I tore from my Mother's soul
I broke her heart with every blow
Chaos and sin filled my nights
Days were spent blocking out what's right
Bloodied knuckles
And an iron chin
I went to war
You know i fought to win
Wore a crooked smile
I took a shot of jack
Another wasted night
On the attack
A fragile ego and a shortened fuse
A war without end I was bound to lose
My days were short my luck was thin
But every day I started over again
Too fucked to know, too scared too feel
Too blind to see what was real
Replaced my demons with mortal foes
From strung out junkies to fraternity row
Face in the gutter 22nd street
Bloodied curb, broken teeth
Anger inside, fear in my eyes
Breaking the silence, sirens terrorize
In my head I've been disgraced
Flashes of a life I refuse to face
One more block my nightmare ends
Life on the hunt, never again