Перевод песни Pressure Point – Drinkin' With The Damned

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6 am and a shot of gin
I'm all alone my old friend
Left to ask and wonder why
I raise my fist to the sky
Cursed your soul from beyond
Amends unsaid, now you're gone
Alone i walk the streets at night
But in my head you're by my side
We staggered through life's alleyways
Our faith, our souls we have betrayed
Two rejects of this promised land
Your life slipped through our hands
We staggered through life's alleyways
Our faith our souls we have betrayed
Two brothers in this promised land
Drinkin with the damned
One step closer to my fate
One more line upon my face
Another year that i've misspent
Another fall from god's grace
A life cut short no reason why
Seething anger i refused to cry
That day we laid your soul to rest
Tore my heart from my chest
I think about all you meant to me And all the things that used to be Our creed, our honor, your legacy
Death can't take what we believe
Some men they will rise
Others they will fall
But in the end my friend
Death must take us all
Alone in shame i carry on I offer you this redemption song
Derek, derek, derek, derek, derek,
Derek, derek, derek!