Перевод песни Frozen Ghost – Pauper In Paradise

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I… have a simple point of view
No obsessions i pursue
I’m a poor man, though i do not need a thing
I… have a wealth of another kind
Opulence is state of mind
I’m a poor man, with a fortune of a king
All that i cherish, what i hold
Precious to me is not gold
Treasures of the heart
Cannot be bought, cannot be sold
No i am a pauper in paradise
Though i have nothing, i don’t complain/(i have it all)
I am a pauper in paradise
Better this than a king in chains
I… have no treasure more revered
Than the life i’ve persevered
I’m a poor man, with the fortune of a king
All that i’ve wanted all i’ve yearned
Is the piece of mind i’ve earned
Measures of the heart
Cannot be taught, cannot be learned
Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus (x2)