Перевод песни The Imposters – Either Side Of The Same Town

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Nothing can ever be the same
All of the promises we made seem hollow
But there’s still some streets in this town
Oh, they’re marked, they’re marked with your shadow
So if you see me, look surprised
Well, well, well, if you don’t
Oh, just pass me by
And I may, I may even brush your sleeve
Oh, as you turn around, turn around and leave
Now it’s hard to act like strangers
When we used to be so strong
Everything is changing
And most of it is wrong
What do we know of anything
Two fools of some renown
Either side, either side of the same town
Somewhere there’s a light
Oh, I can sense it
Though I may fall back again
Oh, I know, yes, I know it’s a fight
Oh, but I must, Lord, I must
Withstand the strain
Now it’s hard to keep ignoring
Someone you recognize
And if I seem contented
Well, that’s only my disguise