Перевод песни Sammy Hagar – LOUD

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Sixteen, I found my dream machine
Turn the key and every light turn green
Like Steve McQueen, I made a motor scream
And it was LOUD, yeah
Me and the boys would drive around
We search the dial until we found
One song we didn’t want to turn down
And it was LOUD
Hear us comin' from a mile away
Like rolling thunder on Judgement Day, yeah
Hear us comin' from a mile away
Faster than the law allow
And we were LOUD
LOUD like a hurricane
LOUD like a roaring train
It sure was LOUD, uh-huh
Yeah, and I remember ol' what’s-his-name, wooh
Young and bold, I took my aim
She lost control when she came
It was LOUD, yeah
Well, hear it comin' from a mile away
She sure made a boy a man that day
Hear it comin' from a mile away
I made my daddy proud
Well, she was LOUD
LOUD like a dirty dream, mmm
LOUD like a siren scream, wooh
She was LOUD
She was LOUD
Like a trashcan cherry bomb, yeah
Like a storm before the calm, wooh
She was LOUD
Well, I live my life at full volume
I live my life cranked to ten
The needle’s in the red again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
In the red again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Here tonight, it’s crystal clear
Red hot lights and a hometown cheer
All my life, I’ve dreamed of standin' right here
Yeah, it was LOUD
Wooh, like a Super Bowl (LOUD)
((Led Zeppelin)) playin' «Rock And Roll»
Yeah, it was LOUD
Like a trashcan cherry bomb
Like a storm before the calm
It was LOUD, yeah, yeah
It was LOUD
LOUD like a hurricane
LOUD like a roaring train
Yeah, it was LOUD
Trashcan cherry bomb, wooh
LOUD like Viet Nam, baby
Sure was LOUD