Перевод песни The Black Sheep – Game Over

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Do we feel as we should feel right now?
Every day is easier, somehow
In my mind I play another game
And I think that I’m the one to blame
We both know, I’ll never be your friend
We both know how this game will end
All the things I never heard you say
Are the reasons that now I just can’t stay
So I
Turn around and run
All my hope is gone
After the rain, awaiting the sun
But not today
It’s «Game Over»
While I
Turn around and run
A storm is yet to come
Where is the sun? There’s only rain!
I better run
It’s «Game Over»
Understand what I have been through
Take my hand, I say goodbye to you
You might think that I didn’t care
If you knew of what I just became aware
So I…
Rain, only rain…
Since I feel that I can’t play this
Game, I feel more
I want all the things you’ll never say
So I…